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We are Online Business Managers here to help you Systemize & Optimize

I can help you systemize...

  • Process Improvement
  • Task Automation
  • Team Management
  • Operations Management

Hi, my name is Odette, your BOSS³ Geek, and I live by 3 primary mantras:

  1.  Eliminate what does not energize me.
  2. Enhance everything I touch.
  3. Elevate others.

BOSS³Business Operations & Systems Services – Structure, Standardize, Streamline

Eliminate. I wasn’t always as energetic and ALIVE as I am now, but it started to happen once I began eliminating from my life everything that does not energize me. If it’s in my wheelhouse or my knowledge bank, if I have the resources, and sharing it will help to uplift you (and energize me), then I’m all in.

Enhance. Throughout my 20 years of military service, I always stressed to my subordinates and my colleagues, “leave it better than you found it”. Why? Because with that mindset, we will always challenge the status quo and always discover ways to streamline processes and get the job done. All these actions lead to better work environments, everyone lifting each other up and ultimately, much more positive energy.

Elevate. I started this company after transitioning from the United States Air Force bursting with a need to help others OVERcome stress, LIVE BETTER and BE BETTER. I strive to continue serving by helping other business owners CONQUER the OVERwhelm, to ultimately elevate and grow their business.

My expertise lies in processes, automating systems, and streamlining operations. With the help of dedicated Independent Contractors, I will help you assess, implement and manage systems and processes that are guaranteed to help you and your business operate more efficiently. I am excited to help you get OVER the hump and elevate your business even beyond your vision. My promise is to help you #SYmplify!

I’ve been called a “process and organization geek.” Guilty!


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