Why? Puzzles. Bulbs. Jumbled thoughts. Why? Excitement. Interviews. A gazillion note apps. Lack of sleep. Why? Too much sleep. Cinnamon rice cakes. Veggie patties. Calm. Why? Certain. Ready.

These, and many more were the primary elements of the journey to bring this website to life. There are lots of ‘whys’ sprinkled in there because I needed to make sure I stayed true to my goal. That extended even to the look, feel and content of this site.

I know there are tons of resources out there to help business hopefuls and owners with various elements of starting/launching a business and a companion website. Right or wrong, I didn’t check any of them for this particular phase. I want this experience (for you and for me) to be pure, to be without too much external influence, to be genuine, and to always reflect my “why”. I did not want to risk introducing elements that do not align with my ‘why’ because they’re awesome or cool. I’ll be back to those cool and awesome resources though, for other things LOL.

As my web designer and I prepped in the background, I kept referring to this website launch as the finale to my coming out. Starting a business is a tall order in terms of guts, faith, putting yourself out there, and wearing all the hats. All of it was possible because I clung tightly to what is most important to me. There are 3 things, in particular, I want to share with you in regards to launching SYBECA Services: my business name, my logo, and the date this website goes live (today that is ????).

In brainstorming for a business name I got input from DH and family & friends. Everyone said ‘you have to put the word concierge in there so people will know what it’s about’. Ummmmmmm no, I don’t. Who made that rule? I want my business to reflect me in every way: my roots, my life, my skills, my support system, my joy, my struggles, my loves, my foundation. I decided the business name should reflect my foundation, my loves, and my support system. SYBECA (pronounced si-be-ka), grew out of the first names of the three most important people in my life: my grandmother SYlvia, my momma BEtty, and my hubby CArl (DH – Dear Hubby or Da Husband depending on the day ????). They have been my rock throughout every stage and area of my life and have, in many ways, been my personal concierges which allowed me to truly focus on my journey thus far. Most people are pronouncing SYBECA with a PSY sound (like psychology) but I will be patient and wait for everyone to come around to saying it like Sylvia. In the meantime, just remember that English dictionary words beginning with SY have a “si” sound; think of synonym or synergy.

I am not the creative type and usually not able to express myself artistically, so on those rare occasions when the vision is clear in mind I need the perfect partnership to draw it out of me. I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to convey when I visualized the logo. There is a particularly difficult life experience that I am still healing from and this logo is one way in which I have embraced that experience and put it out into the universe as “good” in the sense that I am: stronger because of it, lighter because of the healing journey, and renewed because I found my purpose along the way. Creating this logo was the first time I delved into colors, what they mean, how they affect us, and how we interpret them. If you Google butterfly symbolism you will find phrases such as: powerful representation of life, endurance, hope, change, and transformation. Finally, I am a helper. That is what I enjoy doing. I experience fulfillment when I can lend a hand, reach out to others, and help them feel lighter and more free.

I am literally rubbing my hands together right now wondering if I am really going to ‘come out’. The difficult life experience I mentioned has deep connections to February 14th but not for the reasons you are probably thinking. I am not romantic at heart and I don’t thrive on gifts because there’s a date on the calendar, so let’s rule out Valentine’s Day. Some years ago, I was pregnant with twins. Due date – February 14th. Awesome Valentine’s Day gift right? Except I miscarried. Nope. Don’t lament or go into a protective sympathy mode. It took 10 years for me to verbalize without wailing and 12 years to ‘come out’, so what I do need is for you to focus and keep reading ????????. There is a lot I could go into about the things we put out into the universe, but I’ll skip that for now. I chose February 14th website live day (and official launch of SYBECA Services) because it felt right. It is the beginning of my transformation, of letting go of the pain associated with this date, of being free like the butterfly, of embracing the joy in life and being joy to others, and of celebrating life in all its wondrous vibrancy and colors.

www.sybecaservices.com is live and I am alive!

Yes, Ms. Ross, I’m Coming Out!

Feeling free. Time to take 5, breathe, and have a cuppa.


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