overWHELMED. overLOADED. overBOOKED. overWORKED. over BUDGET. overSTOCKED. overLOOKED. These and similar experiences can leave us feeling like we are going “over the edge”. Noooooooooo! Don’t do that. These feelings are linked to situations, and every situation has opportunities (sometimes hidden). Every opportunity offers solutions. Start finding your solutions….

The over_______ that you are experiencing does not need to be permanent. It can be IF you don’t take action. IF you allow situations needing your attention to become urgent. IF you don’t want these feelings to linger or repeat, embrace solutions to conquer your over_______.

No change = no change! You CANNOT grow or change by doing the same thing every day so have a willingness to try fresh ideas and new ways of doing the same thing(s). “Time and resources” are often limiting factors but, do the math to to figure out the value of ‘status quo’ actions/reactions. Hesitating to do this is a sign that you want to stay stressed and are not genuinely ready to conquer your over_______.

Recognize that, no matter your education and expertise, you just may not have all the answers. You just may need a fresh perspective or outside help. Sure you can be superwoman/superman for a few hours, a few days, or even a couple of weeks but TRUST ME, you will soon be picking up pieces of yourself (physically, mentally, or emotionally). By combining your strength with someone else’s, you just may find the IDEAL solution to conquer your over______.

Don’t keep this to yourself! See #s 2 & 3. Let it be known that you are seeking solutions. I bet if you talk to others you’ll find out that these feelings are not unique to you AND you’ll almost certainly get some great resolution ideas. I bet if you talk to others you’ll get some relief just by expressing yourself. I bet if you talk to others you’ll conquer your over_______ that much faster!

What is one SYmple step you can take today to make conquering your over_____ a priority?