Part of OWNing your biz is finding and using your own voice. What do I mean?

First, you have to know what you stand for, who you are, why you’re in biz, and who/what your biz represents. Until I started to figure out my why/who/what/where/when, the ‘how’ was a jumbled mess. I was scared of marketing and social media because I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to say, where to share my thoughts and expertise or how to do it. It could be what many of us as small biz owners are missing. I found that once I had nailed down my why/who/what/where/when, I had better clarity on the ‘how’.

Communication is intertwined with every single element of being an entrepreneur. Check out this list of ways in which we uniquely demonstrate our own voice in biz:

  • Biz name
  • Email address
  • Brand colors & fonts
  • Social media platforms used (or not used)
  • Marketing style (in person, digital, or a hybrid)
  • Client avatar
  • Groups associated with
  • People / influencers / industry experts followed
  • Hours & availability (e.g. holidays or sacred days)
  • Community vs competition

And then HOW we express ourselves when communicating about our biz also impacts its reach: Confidence, Clarity, Consistency, Providing Details, Asking Questions, Providing Solutions, Offering Value, Engaging, Passionate, Transparent.

I recently completed the Online Business Manager certification and during that course, I mastered owning my role in my biz and am now able to truly own my role in my clients’ biz. There’s a huge difference. I have never hesitated to own my errors, stumbles or even my successes, however, I was not always clear on exactly what my biz stands for or the things that are important to me in my biz.

For example, having early morning hours to meditate and exercise are crucial to my BEST performance so I adjusted my biz hours to get a bit of what I need and still be available to take care of my clients. Having TRUE flexibility in where I work is also part of ‘why’ I started this journey. A preference for Google and Chrome tools is another unique expression of my voice that is weaved into my biz practices.

It can be challenging to uniquely express yourself in the online space but finding your OWN voice is key: Why? Who? What? Where? When? How? Find your voice and then decide!