It’s totally not the same thing.

Do you see other people in action and think “hollllllyyyyy crappola” how in the heck does he get soooooooo much done all the time”? I know I do. I ask that question at least 10x every week. Funny thing is, there are people asking me the same thing LOL.

We’ve all got our tools, tactics, techniques and, for me, tons of apps to keep me organized and on track. I. Am. Addicted. To. Apps. Truth! I run my entire life, household, and business on apps. Of course, you might read this and think, geez that’s not how I want to live. That is absolutely cool. There is not and should not be one way, one size fits all. However, your goal should be to get more done, not necessarily do more.

In order to get more done and not necessarily do more, you absolutely must implement some kind of system or cut back on something or adopt a new way of doing things. OR, you have to let go of something(s) in order to accomplish others. You just can’t keep doing the same things and think more will magically get done. All the resolutions in the world won’t change that. Call it math, call it common sense, call it whatever you want but you have to find some tools to help you. Maybe you have to hire services to take care of certain tasks or chores. This could be a lawn care person or a babysitter. Now hold on, before you say you can’t afford it please think of what your time is worth and how much are you truly getting done or is it possible to barter services. Only recently did I find out that bartering is still a thing! I thought that concept died with my grandfather’s farm.

If you focus on ‘getting more done’ then you will be more inclined to find a way to do just that. Let’s dissect a simple desire: I would like to spend more time with my family but I have so much to do all the time. If I keep repeating this sentence but doing nothing different I will never have quality time with my family. I have to figure out what’s keeping me busy, when is the best time for all of us, can I unload some of what’s keeping me busy during those times, who will take care of those things that I unload, can I accomplish those things at a different time, will that take away more time from somewhere else…. A little bit of brainstorming is required but it doesn’t have to be formal. All these questions could be asked and answered in my head in less than 10 minutes.

If I value time with my family more than I value not making a change then I will do it because my goal is to get more done, not necessarily have to do more myself. Same for you. You got this!