Continuing with Part II of a 4-part series celebrating phenomenal women. For this Women’s History Month, I choose to honor 31 women who have personally influenced and inspired me. They have helped shape the woman I am today. They ARE my history.

31 Days – 31 Inspirations, Part II

Rose.???? My 1 & only roomie, turned bestie, turned sissy. Unlimited love for her, especially for teaching me to hold back sometimes and also to have a more inviting persona. Her spirit draws others to her. How was I to know that our endless conversations would help me be a better person and a better businesswoman! Nothing but love ???? for ya!

Auntie Jackie. Can you say larger than life???!!! My life is hands-down richer BECAUSE she’s in it. I think I started to think about living a deliberately purposeful life after hearing her talk often about “free radicals”, maybe some 20 years ago. If you were to meet her I would say, make no mistake, my Aunty Jackie is unmistakably one of the smartest and most intelligent women I’m fortunate to know. She just doesn’t hit you over the head with it. Release the free radicals! ????

Every woman who has dealt with sexual harassment or sexual assault. The effects of these experiences take their toll, manifest in unexpected ways, and appear in unplanned parts of our lives. It’s not an easy hurt and pain to feel. It’s not an easy story to tell. There’s no scheduled time to tell it. The time may never come. Give a hug and let it be.

Barbara. Ain’t nothing like shared heartache and frigid struggles to bring people together. We shared the challenges of being leaders without adequate mentoring or guidance and yet we persevered. Her support and trust truly influenced my own performance and how I mentored/led others. Her obsession for perfection and for her team inspires me even now in my business. Miss ya girl! ????

Ms. Inez. In Part I of this series, I mentioned my grandmother’s delicious baking. I’m one of those really biased kids who will ONLY eat my grandmother’s baking. That’s all well and good but by the time my dumb ass decided I wanted to revive her baking she had been gone for years. Somewhere along the way I gave in and tried Ms. Inez’s cakes. Ohhhhhhh sweet Lord, I just wanna thank you….her cake was almost a mirror of mama’s and she was delighted to help me learn! I’m glad that I didn’t miss my opportunity for keeping the traditions alive twice. Ms. Inez now rests peacefully and I am forever indebted to her for bringing mama’s inspiration back to life. We miss you. ????

Vicki. Friends looonnngggg before we were both entrepreneurs, I crowned her my #bizbestie when I didn’t even know that was a thing. I don’t think she even wanted the title ????. This woman is a powerhouse of knowledge and the best damn Instructional Designer I know! It’s sickening how humble she is about her skills and knowledge bank. I’m always like rah rah rah, that’s so cool and awesome what you did, and she’s just calmly looking at me like I’m a weirdo ????. Girl, you are rock solid, for which I am mucho grateful especially when I’m all over the place. Hugs ????.

Jessica. I am in love with this kid and amazed by everything she does! Okay okay, she’s not a kid anymore but a beautiful, smart, and driven young lady. Oh yeah, I almost forgot…remember Vicki, the best damn Instructional Designer I know? Well, that’s her mom…power team here. So, when it comes to Jessica, I’m like a serious groupie. I drive her mom crazy wanting to know everything she’s up to ????. What’s the latest science fair? Did she make it to the regionals? When’s the next presentation? It’s cool, she’s gonna remember me when she collect her Nobel prize ????! IJS.

I am not afraid; I was born to do this.

— Joan of Arc

Thanks so much for joining me on this journey to celebrate my own personal phenomenal women!

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