Welcome back and Thank You for continuing this journey with me. This is the last of my 4-part series to honor 31 women for this Women’s History Month. These are women who have personally influenced and inspired me to a greater level than I ever could have achieved without each and everyone of them. Let’s begin.

31 Day – 31 Inspirations, Part IV

MIL. It’s mother-in-law silly. So sorry if you’re in the camp of not liking your MIL. So sorry. Neither DH nor I have that issue. Now this young lady, and I do mean young because she lives young-at-heart, can out-party you AND me any day! She shows me that it’s possible to have fun as long as you want to have fun. She is the most laid back woman I know and inspires me to find more ‘chill’ time in my day. Happy belated birthday mom! (psssst her birthday was just the end of Feb).

With Sister Maureen Clare Hall, O.S.F. , in London for the 2011 ICHS Europe Luncheon

Sister Maureen Clare Hall, O.S.F. I get goosebumps thinking of what my life would REALLY have been like if I had an inkling of sense about her impact when I was walking through the halls of Immaculate Conception High School. Sister Maureen Clare Hall, O.S.F. had vision. I don’t know if in those early years she verbally expressed that vision but I am here as a living testimonial that when you KNOW what you want to achieve and everything you DO is geared towards that goal, and every decision you MAKE is because of that goal, then your success is limitless. The entire I.C.H.S. alumni is a rich cadre of Sister’s vision of young leaders now women of substance! Ad Astra Per Aspera…Through Difficulties to Excellence (and Beyond).

Kaylor. It. Is. NEVER. Too. Late…to let go of your dreams. This is Kaylor’s lesson to me and to the world. Homegirl ignored all the naysayers (me included) who tried to tell her that she had missed her dreamboat. Looking back, I realize that I was quite arrogant to think that I knew what fueled her and what she was capable of. I had no right to try to derail her and she had every right to tell me to take a hike! Nowwwww look who’s the oldie starting over and starting a whole new chapter….ummmmm me! And you can’t tell me that I won’t be successful! Congratulations again friend and THANKS x1 million for following your dreams so that I can believe it possible to chase mine. Hugs.

The Byars women. Other than in the movies, have you ever come across a group of women who, when you see how they love up on others and love up on each other, you think ‘what planet are they from’? Well, that’s this group of 3 sisters & their mom. I don’t even interact with them often and sometimes they probably think I’m stalking their family (hahaha) but I just know that if I had biological sisters THAT’S how I’d want us to be. Plus BONUS! I LOVE LOVE LOVE how they keep their mom on the highest pedestal. Anyone who can love on their mom like that is a badass in my book. Keep spreading joy & love ladies, you are an inspiration to everyone in your world…or damn sure should be!

Lisa. I knew lots before but since starting my own business full time, I’ve come across many female entrepreneurs and not all leave a firm/badass impression. But mannnnnnn, our housecleaner is no damn joke. Listen, I tried her service, didn’t like that she wouldn’t flex to the kind of schedule I wanted, went alllllll around the world with a whole bunch of other cleaners, and ended up crawling right back. This woman knows what she wants for her business, how she will run it, and what the hell she will not accept. No nonsense. No exceptions. No apologies. I am taking notes lady!

Cynthia. If you are looking to be inspired on how to stand on your own faith and believe in what you want for your life then I pray that you cross paths with your own Cynthia. When probably most had deserted her heart’s desires, she persevered. Against ALL odds, she persevered. Despite the challenges, she persevered. She. Persevered. And her prayers were answered. Cynthia is 1 of 2 women I often think of when I am fed up. At those times, I try to remember to look beyond ‘now’ and focus on ‘ahead’. She had faith and she believed. Well shit, so can I!

All the women who endure menopause. There are no time outs and no ‘menopause’ days in any employment contracts. Yayyy for you if it’s been roses and red wine (insert eye roll). The rest of us must push through because…dreams are waiting to be realized and empires are being built. In the meantime, somebody pullleeeezzeeee gimme a pill to make all this shit vanish!

With Capt D. at McGuire AFB, NJ

Capt D. (turned Capt B). Deliberately last on my list of honorees is the woman who saw a leader in me before I saw anything remotely resembling leadership in myself. As a young, feisty airman in the United States Air Force, Capt D. chose this rebel as her nominee to send to the prestigious Phoenix Stripe Leadership Conference. It was an opportunity for current senior leaders to mentor young airmen who would become top leaders in the service. It was years later before I understood the impact of her choice in defining my personal and professional future. The experience was unforgettable, as is she. I thank you, ma’am.

Ahhhhh the end of the line but definitely NOT the end of my history or theirs. Thank you all for the role you played in shaping my history. Hopefully, I have contributed a fraction to yours!

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